Why use a travel agent?

Are Travel Agents Obsolete?

Until 20 years ago or so, most people can’t travel unless they first talk to a travel agent. Today, you can virtually get all the travel information you need at your fingertips and can book directly with cruise lines and tour operators via the internet.  So, why do you still need a travel agent?

Travel agent works for you:

Most importantly, your travel agent has your back.  What most people don’t realize – while you can do most of the research yourself, at the end of the day, you would still need to talk to a person in order to complete the booking process.  At some point, you are ask to provide an email address or phone number for an agent to call you.  This person can be a reservation agent of the company or a person at a call center.

The difference between a Reservation Agent and a Travel Agent is that a reservation agent makes bookings.  A good travel agent considers your needs and acts in your best interest.  He/she is unbiased in their recommendations which ultimately will saves you time and gets you value for your money.  Furthermore, a travel agent is there for you when problem arises.  They work directly with suppliers and will act on your behalf.  If in doubt, just think back that last time you need to voice a complaint for something you booked through an online company.  How many buttons did you have to press and how long were you put on hold before speaking to a live person?  And, god forbid if you have to escalate your complaint to the next level!  A travel agent won’t promise you the world but he/she is only a phone call away to help you resolve your complaint to the best of the situation.

Information overload:

Even with a universe of online travel information, using the services of a travel agent makes good sense.

Travel agents are up to date and in tune with the many travel options available for specific destinations. Rather than spend precious hours researching those options, let your travel agent walk you through the possibilities and the advantages of each. For example, if you have a desire to explore Europe on your own, your travel agent can help you create a personalized itinerary and can arrange for hotels and transportation where and when needed. If you would like to take an organized tour, your travel agent can help you sift through hundreds of possibilities to find the one that’s best for you.

With their in-depth knowledge of the travel industry and advanced reservations technology, travel agents can find deals that are just as good – or better – than what you can find online. Agents can use their relationships with cruise lines and tour companies – plus their personal experience with a variety of destinations to get you the greatest value for your travel budget. Agents also know when an online deal is literally too good to be true.

Travel agents can also handle some of the important details of your trip, such as booking a limousine to take you to the theatre; making dinner reservations; and obtaining event tickets. They can schedule tea times, spa appointments, museum tours and more.  If your itinerary is complicated – for example, if it includes a combination of air, cruise and coach travel – it’s really essential to work with a travel agent. Your agent can make sure that all of the details of an intricate itinerary are set, and will be available to provide help if things change along the way.

Remember, a travel agent will be your advocate for the value and quality you want from your leisure travel. Talk with your Cruise Holidays travel expert about everything he/she can do to make your next travel experience smooth and memorable.

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