Day 3: Pre-Cruise Journey

Munich Central Station, Europe, Amawaterways, River cruise, cruise holidays
Adding a land component before our Amawaterways river cruise was exciting…

We arrived at Central Station with plenty of time to explore, enjoy a coffee and board the train early.  You can have a beer any time of the day and take it with you anywhere you want however we chose coffee to get a kick start to the day.  We were not sure where to catch the train so we went to the info booth and they guided us in the right direction.

I love how the trains pull right in and as a commuter you simply hop on to whichever car you want (unless of course there is pre-assigned seating).  Our travel time was just under 2 hours.  The train was comparable to a GO Train in the GTA.Cruise Holidays, Amawaterways, river cruise, Danube river, Europe

There was open seating on our commute and we decided to sit at a place for four as we had three carry-ons and one large bag.  There was little to no storage for a bigger bag but our space for four allowed us to tuck the bag in to the side and out of the aisle.

The route to Vilshofen was through the country side with several stops before ours.  There was a lot of greenery, solar panels on homes and quite a few backyard gardens.  My main impression was self-sustaining, environmentally conscious villages.

When we arrived at our stop we almost missed getting off as we were not prepared with our bags and the stop was under 2 minutes.  So if you take this route, be prepared to get off, and quickly!

The walk to our hotel was within 15 minutes and started at McDonalds.  Yes, this little village has a McDonald’s!  Who knew cobblestone streets and McDonalds could mix?!?  There is one main tourist street and the hotel we stayed at, Zollhaus Wittelsbacher, was just down the hill right by the water and a two minute walk to the AmaWaterways port.

We enjoyed our stay at the hotel and would recommend it to anyone taking an Amawaterways cruise.  With us arriving so early in the season for River cruises, there was barely anyone around so our stay was very quiet and relaxing.  We enjoyed breakfast the following morning before heading to the port to explore the ship.

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