Day 1 of Danube River Cruise

With our pre-cruise adventure behind us, we were really looking forward to staying put for 7 days and enjoying the luxuries of the ship.  We were able to board the ship just after 11.  Since we had completed our online check-in previously, all they had to do was take our pictures for our file.  They then guided us to the lounge where we enjoyed a light lunch and drinks while we waited for our room to be ready.

The self-serve warm beverage station was the best!  Coffee, tea, frothy milk, cappuccino’s, lattes, ANYTHING we want 24/7 at the press of a button. There are also little treats available 24/7 in sealed jars.  On our first day it was paprika crackers and chocolate brownies.  I indulged in tea and crackers while taking in the décor of the ship.  Cruise Holidays, Amawaterways, Amaviola

We were escorted to our room around 1 and the hotel manager explained our room in detail.  There is an Apple Satellite TV, Macbook for use in the room, bottled water and most importantly, a comfortable bed that can be configured how you like.  The bathroom is also nicely done with a stand up shower that has both a rain shower and handheld shower head.  The amenities are of good quality and include Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash and lotion.

We took the time to relax in our room and prepare for the meeting of the crew and safety review at 5:30.

As we headed back to the lounge, the captain greeted all of the ladies with a beautiful rose, while the servers handed over champagne to toast the beginning of the journey.

Like all cruise lines, the safety demonstration is a regulation that must be followed.  Ama made it fun and informative and blended it with staff introductions and other instructions as we kicked off our journey together.

Afterwards we headed to the port to enjoy some traditional German Beer, pretzels and dancing.  It was a celebration of Oktoberfest in April!

Dinner started at 7:30.  We were able to find a quiet table in the back for the two of us to enjoy some quiet company.  If you prefer to sit with others, you can join available tables.  The servers will help guide you to a table.

The menu has a variety of items, but what I really like is the Chef’s recommendation.  It gives you a full three-course meal with a palette cleanse in between.  All of it was amazing and definitely Five-Star dining.  Our server was very attentive and explained everything in great detail.

As we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant, we decided to make a quick stop up on the sun deck to check out the view and walk off some of our meal.  It was cool and breezy even though we were docked.  Travelling in early April requires you to be prepared for all weather conditions, so be sure to bring a jacket, shawl and/or sweater with you.  We finally turned in for the night watching a movie on the Satellite TV.

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