Travel Experience – 27 countries, 7 Cruises

Certifications – TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario)

Specialties – Custom Tours, Cruises, Group Travel

Favorite Travel Destinations – Galapagos Islands, Iceland, Arizona, New Zealand, Cruising

About Me:

I was once asked what my three favourite things in the world are.  I said, “That’s easy,  food and travel!  The two of them together make the third.”  I believe that life is filled with incredible experiences if you only allow yourself the opportunity to have them.  How you choose  to enjoy your free time is just as important as what you do for work.

I have been fortunate enough to travel much of the world. In my personal travels, I tend to focus on the more obscure and unique destinations.  Like sailing through magnificent icebergs in a lagoon in Iceland, tasting delicious Kangaroo in Australia, touring the South Shore of Nova Scotia on a Motorcycle sidecar, swimming with peaceful green sea turtles in the Galapagos, or hot springs hopping in the mountains of Colorado.  While all of that is exciting, there is nothing quite like kicking back and enjoying the sound and view of the vast ocean on a cruise ship heading for a lush tropical island.

Those that incorporate travel into their lives find many moments of awe and serenity that otherwise would have been missed.  I am confident that I will be able to help you make your travel experience unique and memorable!

Experiencing what this incredible world has to offer is my passion. Let me help you find yours.


Contact me today.  Isn’t it your turn to be the one seeing the world’s greatest treasures? 

Phone:  1-888-399-2782  EXT. 112


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